Humidifier and Dehumidifier Replacement, Repair & Installation

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Replacement, Repair & Installation

Changes of weather bring on asthma, sore throats and other respiratory issues that can in turn lead to skin problems and headaches… Having a humidifier is easy if you want to place one on your dresser but then you are faced with having to keep it filled and clean. Installing a humidifier to your furnace with a humidity gauge will help keep the right amount of moisture in the air.


Not all humidifiers are created equal. There are different levels and types of humidifiers:
Buying the right humidifier will depend on the typical weather of your region (how often will you be running it) and how big your house or business is that need to be humidified. Call Penney Plumbing if you think you need a humidifier.

Broken or problem humidifiers can run constantly therefore driving up your energy costs. Getting your humidifier repaired or replaced can help to eliminate any possible issues that may lead to mold, mildew or other moisture related issues. Installing a humidistat is another step to ensure that there is enough moisture in the air and will keep the humidifier running at the right times.


Conversely, wet weather and frozen grounds can lead to damp basements. Getting a dehumidifier for the basement will help to keep basements dry and therefore eliminating mold and mildew. The dehumidifier needs to have a line run to it into a reservoir that goes out of your home or you will have to keep emptying the basin.

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