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Water Heater Replacement & Installation

Are your hot showers getting shorter and the gas or electric bills higher? A new hot water heater will increase hot shower time and cut down on energy costs at the same time.   Water heaters typically last eight to fifteen years but once they start leaking they need to be fixed immediately and you can expect them to need to be replaced within a few years.  If you are seeing rusty water on the ground near the water heater, not feeling hot water anymore, hear a crackling or pop sound, water has a metallic taste or smells funny smell then it’s time for replacement.  Installation requires soldering copper and making an electrical or gas connection, not something that everyone can do so call Penney Plumbing to ensure your new hot water heater is installed properly!

Choosing between a Tank or Tankless Water Heater System

The cost of a tank system compared to a tankless water heater system is lower overall due to the ease of installation and price of the system.  Energy costs are higher for a tank system since it is always heating the water however, the water is ready on demand for use but is limited to what the tank can hold.  A tankless water heater system can be installed inside or outside and has a life of almost double that of the tank system.  Installation is longer and requires special piping.

Gas vs Electric Hot Water Heaters

Choosing a gas versus electric hot water heater will depend on your current connections at the location.  If your area loses power due to a storm, having a gas hot water heater will be best since power outages don’t normally include gas lines.  Gas is less efficient on energy however is usually provided at a lesser price than electric.

Building code commonly states that new construction hot water heater systems have to include an expansion tank.  As the water is heated up, it expands.  The expanded water goes to the expansion tank in order to prevent back flow to your water source and keeps the water heater or connective pipes from bursting.  If you are not sure if your hot water heater is safe or not in its current state call Penney Plumbing for an appointment!

If it’s been ten or more years since you have replaced your hot water heater it may be prudent to plan for this inevitability because it will likely be very soon that you will need a new one.  Pricing varies, however for a normal 50 gallon tank system, plan for it to cost you somewhere around $1000 not including installation.  Remember to make sure that a professional plumbing service like Penney Plumbing handles proper installation for you.

Maintaining your hot water heater will add years of life to it and help the system to be more efficient while reducing energy costs.  When a leaky pipe is fixed, it saves water waste and that means saving money!  In fact, when left unchecked a leaky hot water heater will often cause hundreds of gallons of water to go down the drain unused!

If you think it is time to get a new hot water heater installed or even if you are not sure and just want a professional opinion, call Penny Plumbing today for our earliest next appointment!

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