Water Services

Water Services

If you need water service in Deptford and the surrounding areas of Camden County and
Southern New Jersey, remember to call Penney Plumbing! We handle the installation, maintenance, and repair of water lines and water mains.

Call us for a FREE ESTIMATE of the following water flow needs that you may have:

– Installation of Refrigerator Water Lines for Water and Ice

– Water Main Installation & Repair

– Garbage Disposal Installation

– Shower and Bath Hardware Installation

– Water Pipe Installation & Repair

– Washing Machine Water Line Installation

– Hot Water Heater Installation & Replacement

– Sump Pump Installation and Maintenance

– Bathtub Installation & Replacement

– Toilet Installation & Replacement

– Sink and Vanity Installation & Replacement

– Outside Faucets and Spigots for Hose Installation

Call Penney Plumbing for quick and professional service to handle any of your water access needs including installation.

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